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Monday, 22 July 2013

Getting there !

Little faerie seems to be doing ok ! We have had a few scary days where she has seemed listless and uninterested , won't feed ..... But for the last 2 days she has perked up and is feeding from mum . 

Fleur is doing really well , still taking some from mum and some from a bottle , but full of beans and joyful.

We have also had a couple of new arrivals ! First up was Frodo , from Bijou. He is a super blue black boy , and in the tradition of Boz Bijou he is enormous . I don't know how she does it but her cria are always the largest ! 
Followed very closely by the long awaited cria , who I think will be the only progeny of Czars Aberlour who sadly died in January. Boz Hermione produced a beautiful female cria last Tuesday, she is cream by my estimation , very lively and well conformed , and equally as large as Frodo! The pair of them , although only just a week old dwarf the other two. 


Faerie with the marks from having all that treatment

Frodo and Bijou

Flavia and faerie 

Fleur and Faerie

Worryingly , we have seen a fox around during the day and peering throu the French windows in the evening , my oldest hen did not go to bed last night, but that may have been the heat , I think she was at least 7,, and I haven't found feathers anywhere. I do wish that the city folk would stop rehomimg their foxes near me , just dispose of them humanely and save me from loosing all my chickens .

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Lois Evensen said...

What beautiful babies! :) So very sweet. I see so many sweaters there, too. ;)