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Sunday 27 December 2015

Back again !

It has been a long time since my last blog ! a couple of years actually - unsurprisingly many things have changed ; we have had loses as well as gains , but many things also stay the same .

My core herd is still flourishing , Bijou continues in the role of matriarch  , many familiar faces are still with me . Sadly we have lost one or two along the way , others have gone to new homes to provide joy for their new owners .

2015 saw 3 new arrivals , 2 boys and a girl - Hercules , Hiccup and Hepzibar 


All are doing well , Hepzibars unusual colouring causes me some interest , how do I register her ? Can we reproduce her again next year ?

The winter has been very mild , somewhat wetter the last few weeks , but the grass keeps on growing . I have found a new supplier of hay just down the road , and the alpacas seem to enjoy it . Wind and rain at night has encouraged the animals into shelters at night , the girls into stables , which now have a beautiful concrete area in front to keep their feet drier , and the boys into a new shelter constructed last year entirely from recycled materials - everyone is happy and dry !

The chickens are doing well , they have just started laying yesterday after a break whilst they all changed their clothes ( feathers) and now hopefully full steam ahead - supermarket eggs just don't cut it in this house anymore .

Happy 2016!