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Sunday, 25 October 2009

so much to tell ...

Life has been really busy , so busy that I haven't had the time or energy to blog about it , and as the days have rolled past it has become something of a daunting prospect , but finally I have time so here goes ...

Finally I have 2 pigs back from the butcher , and boy are they delicious ! The first one sold out immediately , bar a few sausages I kept for us , and the second arrived yesterday with lincolnshire sausages for a change . Haven't had time to sample them yet , but we had a joint for dinner and it was fab! My new butcher is doing a great job , such an improvement , everything comes back bagged and labelled , not just nameless joints in very large plastic bags ( I kid you not ) so it is so much easier to deal with !

Last weekend we had our ever helpful friends to stay . Lyn and I got the polytunnel in order for the winter , while the men built a plinth for the AGA to go on in the new kitchen . They love concrete , and did a great job , even if they did leave the hosepipe on and drained the ( already low ) water tank - you didn't think I knew about that did you M !Anyway , the weather was great and so everyone , except DS#4 and I , went for a fab walk along the ridge behind the house , apparently it was lovely , but longer and cooler than anticipated , so there were several cold kiddies when they got home ! We have learned from our past disaster not to let the guests near the animals ( see blog about broken hip ) and so just admired from afar . L & M have helped with injections and the like before , and I was tempted to get the Vit A D & E done , but resisted ( wish I had now ) . As always , we had a great weekend .

This week I have had my shoulder treated , a steroid injection into the joint has done the trick beautifully and I have had some good nights sleep for the first time in months !

I have also been to London with the eldest 3 boys to see Oliver ! Honestly the best musical we have seen , even better than the Lion King , but only just . The boys loved it , adn so did I! Thanks to their godmother for the tickets and the lovely couple of days we spent with her - wish she lived nearer!

Now we are all recovering from flu/ swine flu/ severe illness , take your pick!

The alpaca are behaving very well , Berlioz has even taken a bottle from DH 2 feeds in a row ! He is looking really lovely now and is full of life ! I still find it odd that his mother pays little attention to him , sometimes she is with him and other times he sleeps with another mum , Veronica , who is not known for her tolerance , and is fiercely protective of her baby , but she will let him snuggle up on the other side to her cria . I wish I could get a photo , but of course its dark and I don't want to freak them out with a flash !

I am intending to get some of the Vit A D & E injections done this week , really wish I 'd let friends help , the change in the hour has meant that it is too dark to do with DH when he gets in from work , so will have to try and fit some in before other excitement this week . A couple of the mums are looking a little bit thin , and so I am going to start supplementing them with hard feed now that the goodness has almost gone from the grass.

Anyway , still loads to tell , but enough for one night!

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