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Saturday, 9 January 2010

chickens are so amazing .

The other day I went out to do the animals first thing in the morning . Because it was cold and I like figures I decided to open my car door to see what the temp was - there being a thermometer as part of my car . I had not used the car for at least 2 days ( the snow was undisturbed) and possibly for at least another 36 hours before that . I opened the door , strange smell unlike the usual child infested car small , and a gentle cluck! Sitting on the passenger seat was a chicken ! I knew that I was one down and had looked for her , but never checked the inside of the car . Significant amount of chicken poop, but luckily without a food intake they can only poop so much, so I rushed her inside , gave her some corn and a bowl of warm water - and she was fine ! I mean absolutely fine . She chased the cats who came to look at her . Pooped on the floor and then I let her out with the others . Ostensibly no harm done - how amazing is that!
Oh and the temp was -10C ! not bad at 8.30am !


Tom White said...

This made us laugh! How did she get into the car in the first place?


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

I blame the boys , but in truth I may have left the boot open when I took in the shopping , and didn't check!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Fantastic !!...what a surprise, only a chicken would do that...I had one that used to spend her time looking in a mirror !!..oh and a little white cockerel who would run up the garden and pinch your sandwiches off your plate.....there really strange...what a lovely story and glad that all turned out these sub zero temperatures......Jayne