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Thursday, 18 March 2010

for once it's welcome

Finally we have had a little bit of rain , only a really small amount , but just enough to get the grass going , and the ground is so dry we do need it . Luckily with rain comes warmer temps and it has reached 14 degrees today and is still 10 at 8pm . Thats what I want right now . We have had some dreadful heath fires , where acres of mountain have been destroyed , and its only March - god help us in July.

The pacas are pleased with the rain , well I am on their behalf, they will be a bit cleaner soon and I am tired and broke from buying in so much hard feed, luckily we grow our own hay , but even that is coming to an end .

The polytunnel has its first crops growing nicely, I have added a couple of hanging baskets of strawberries to the tunnel , and the 'first earlies' are dong well. All the tomato plants and courgettes are going well in the house , and some capsicum peppers are coming up , so we will be able to make our own ratatouille at this rate - that has always been my goal!


Millie said...

So happy to read about green grass as I watch the snow falling outside my window again.

Nomad said...

Are the alpacas truly pleased with the rain? Are they indifferent or are they grateful for the shower?

I would imagine it gets kinda stinky being an alpaca.

Love the blog. It's very brave of you to leave the city and take up a new life.