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Thursday, 16 September 2010

The sun is shinning.....

the grass is still growing and everybody is pretty chilled .

We have completed a 5 day course of worming with the alpaca, this was a drench and its fair to say that DH and I are now fully wormed as well , so much came back at us one way or another! DH got a severe headbutt , and in a man sort of way insisted his jaw was broken - but it hasn't stopped him talking ( read complaining) so it can't be so bad. Every evening of the worming bought new amusement ( for me) , a different member of the herd played up each day , either sitting and then standing suddenly , or screaming and head jerking. The only member of the team who was consistent was Artemis , she spent all her time after her worming leaning against DH , sometimes this was a help , but mainly it was a hindrance .Artemis is desperate to be mated , and she has decided that DH is the man for the job!! Now that they are all wormed they have been moved to clean fresh pasture , and the summer fileds are going to be left until the spring , to make sure that the frost gets to them and cleans it all up . I am desperate to get out and top off , harrow and generally get ready for winter , but until today the weather has been very wet.

Riva continues to keep us guessing , but I really cannot believe that she is pregnant , she would be close to 12 months and 1 week , not impossible I know , but pretty unlikely. She has until the end of the month , and then she goes to her original purchaser , who has waited very patiently to see what is what. The only thing confusing me still is the inflated udder, it doesn't look as full as it did , but is still more than before . Any ideas anyone ?

The baby chicks are now outside in a coop full time , and are being allowed to range freely with the rest of the flock , they look so sweet.

This weekend sees a clear out of the polytunnel , time allowing , and some new winter cabbages and sprouting broccoli and parsnips to go in , maybe some onions!


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

Have missed the blog....:-)

Hope you are all well and getting into the swing of the new school year.
L x

Eliane said...

Poor old DH. He has our sympathy! Don't let Artemis catch him...

Lois Evensen said...

You gave me a wonderful laugh early on a Sunday morning. I hope DH survives!


Lou said...

i love alpacas! ther cute!