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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Success , of sorts

As many , we are covered in snow , not the proportions that the North and Scotland have thank god - I feel for you - but enough for hot water and extra hay for the alpacas !

They are all quite happy , some venturing into the stables at night , some preferring to sit on the yard , but all down by the yard and out of the snow and wind to a greater degree.

My success is with the sickly chicken . Finally , after a week of bathing her eye twice a day I think I have conquered whatever was the problem. Without putting you off your dinner , suffice to say that I have finally managed to get the last bits of pus out of her eye . It was congealed and set firm , but now it has gone . The eye looks a bit milky and I fear she may have lost the sight in it , but she is quite happy pottering around , albeit out of the snow as much as possible.

Other than that , we are bracing for a lot of snow tomorrow , the kids are begging not to go to school , but I feel that they may be disappointed , and we look forward to the weekend which should bring some rain and some sun , hurray!


Lois Evensen said...

Terrific! I'm so glad to hear all is going better there today.

Eliane said...

Am I allowed to say I'm a bit jealous about the snow. This makes the second year it's been dramatic and we aren't there. Grrrr. Bit nippy right now in California. We have the heating on. And I wore my daft hat (you remember the one!) in public again. With no shame and a warm head.

Glad to hear the chicken is all right. I always remember that story about the woman in Bryn Mawr who spent 1.5K on hers. Can't see you doing that. And nor should you!