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Monday, 4 July 2011

Still no decision but in my heart ...

I know it cannot be good news . The blood results came back and showed no abnormalities at all , so the kidneys are a slight red herring . Poor little Diablo has had a tough weekend , his weight has gone up and down a bit , but when you only weigh 6.3kgs a little is alot if you see what I mean. He refuses the bottle most times , but is not feeding very well from mum , so it really is a case of force feeding him. He looks pathetic and listless , tries hard to eat grass but is clearly not enjoying life .
I am still waiting for the fecal results , and there is a slim chance that they may suggest an infection which we can clobber with antibiotics , but I am really not optimistic and I have mentally made the decision that unless it is clear cut and pretty good odds , Diablo cannot go on like this . You may think that I am jumping the gun , but I need to be prepared cos it is breaking my heart to watch him not make any progress and seem so miserable . I really hope I'm wrong he is a beautiful little chap.


Llama Karma said...


We have a cria who is now two months old an has only put on 2kg in that time, she refuses bottles, tries to feed from mum constantly, doesn't play at all but is now grazing, the 2kg she has put on in the last two weeks before that she was staying the same, gaining a little, losing a little. She has not got an infection, she got her colostrum and seemed fine for the first two days. When we catch her up she seems to be a solid sturdy little thing just not thriving but she may have turned a corner, who knows

Mark said...

We are rooting for the little fellow down here at Patou. Everything crossed for him.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I understand that preparing's partially the emotional exhaustion...but lets us keep hope, and our best wishes go to you both.

Lois Evensen said...

I am so sorry. I am sending all positive vibes for a positive outcome.

Great big hugs,