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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pregnant or not ?

Today was a busy day of testing . Testing for pregnancy . The catch pens were ready , I was ready , the girls were ready , but Magic - he was not ready! After a little persuasion , he was coaxed into the pens with the first  girl to be tested- Cerys- she was having nothing to do with him , undaunted Magic had a good look at Artemis, equally mad and spitting . Gradually , Magic's interest waned , and by the time he had seen 5 girls , who all gave him a good spitting and occasionally a kick , he was paying very little attention . In fact , he was standing looking in the direction of his field mates , with a look of longing ! In conclusion , pretty sure about 6 girls , strong suspicion about a further 2 , no idea about 2 ! The date gets closer , must get my birthing bucket up to speed , 9th June is the first date - Artemis is the first , with all the rest in the following 2 weeks!! Bet your bottom dollar that it will not go to plan.


Barbara Hetherington said...

Great planning; all within 2 weeks...I wonder!!!

My guess is that ours will all be within 4 months!

Good luck. Heres to stress free birthing this year!

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

I Know Barbara- the planning is good , but I bet the alpacas have other ideas!

I agree with the stress free birthing , fingers crossed!