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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Never cease to surprise

No not the alpacas on this occasion , but the hens! One of my broody hens has abandoned her chicks and returned to the more glamorous world of the chicken house , and amazingly the other hen has adopted her chicks !! I have never seen this before , and I am amazed - I really didn't think they would do that .

On the alpaca front , nothing! Just nothing. The pregnant girls are all looking very pregnant , and some are beginning to bag up , but other than that , nothing . DH has been on birth alert , and in all honesty I am glad nothing has happened on his watch, I really want to be around when the cria are born , there's a silver lining etc , good chance I may be here. On Friday we are shearing , we have never sheared with animals who are so close to giving birth , one year the only female due around shearing gave birth just before the shearers arrived.... so I am a little anxious , but the shearers are experienced so we are all in good hands.

Any news will be swiftly reported I promise

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Lois Evensen said...

Thank you for the update. Perhaps if you tell the "girls" that shearing is coming, they will go ahead and deliver. It works with humans when they are told there is going to be a big event toward the end of pregnancy. :)