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Sunday 5 October 2008

satisfaction is..

the weekend ! I love weekends , not because I get more family time or even time to myself , but because we ( DH and I ) manage to get SO much more done than I can manage by myself . Despite having to chauffeur the kids all over , we have chopped and stored more wood - a branch of a big tree was available at football so DH and #1 son chopped and stored !
we are having another log burner installed in a couple of weeks so we set about finding hearth stones - amazingly after some thought and a bit of scouring we discovered just the perfect stones in a path at the side of the house . They are going to be lifted for an extension soon anyway so I am pleased to be using real welsh slates in our new fireplace.
Animals are all well ,a bit wet , some less feathered than others ! Hermione is looking better - fingers crossed we are all OK.

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Buddhist in Training said...

Glad things are looking up :)