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Sunday, 19 October 2008

work and play

This weekend has been a social weekend !! Dinner out with friends on Friday night was a hugely entertaining way to spend an evening - though I feel I am getting too old to cope with late night s, and it was not the quantity of alcohol that did it . Old friends for the day on Saturday was also a great way to spend the day , catching up , exchanging info and generally relaxing over a long , late lunch was ideal .

On the hen front life is looking up . Meg 3 had a close encounter with a fox several months ago , and it was touch and go for a week or two , however , she has staged a remarkable recovery , and apart from the very scraggy feathers she is fine ; here is the good bit , she has started to grow her feathers back ! Hurray ! Most of the other hens are beginning to look half way decent , but not good enough for eggs yet I'm afraid . Sad but true , 27 chickens of varying ages and I get 1 egg a day !

The pergola has stalled ! too much socialising , and therefore no roof , but the weather has been a bit soggy the last day or 2 so that needs doing , but will now have to wait until the log burner is fitted , since that is being done by outside contractors and the hearth has yet to be laid , although it is clean and dry and ready to go ( hopefully this afternoon ).

the next big issue is how to wean Athena . I do know how ! but the logistics of whom to put in the field with her when I take her away from her mum are perplexing me . It needs to be a filed with some other females , with no nursing mums and no nursing cria. OK , so that leaves me with Cerys ( half sister , pregnant ) Hermione ( pregnant ) Kirsty ( pregnant ) or a gelding or two .

Cerys is a definite , and I think Hermione too , not Kirsty since she gets very stressed and looses her pregnancy if put under too much stress and changing group is stressful , if I put Woden with her , then Bijou ( mum) will be stressed , so I think she has a little field to herself with Cerys and Hermione , where she cannot see or hear her mum .

Wow , lot s to do now ....

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