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Saturday, 7 February 2009


This is a scary thing to admit but I have missed writing my blog! There has been a long gap since my last blog and lots has happened . In fact , I am only able to write now courtesy of Eliane who has kindly lent me her computer while she is out having a lovely dinner ( I hope ).

We have moved into our holiday cottage and the building work has started ! I have taken pictures but forgot to bring my camera so cannot load them - this is all thanks to British Telecom who may still be in the top 3 most useless utility companies in the country , possibly even the world ...... despite 2 weeks warning they took an extra 5 days to connect our telephone and are now quoting me another 3 weeks for broadband despite plenty of notice and me telling them of problems relating to broadband and living in the middle of the country . Suffice to say I am steaming not least because you never get to speak to the same person twice or get the same answer twice ! So .... please Eliane can I borrow your computer once a week for banking and blogging ?!

Well . with the builders came the snow and we have had lots !!! 3 days of school closures ( help ) and so far 6 days of being snow bound - in fact , this is my first outing since Monday and I had to use DH car - get a new car John , please . We still have about 6 inches and it has been melting steadily all day , at the height of the snow we had over a foot and we ( me and the animals ) are pretty sick of it now .

The alpaca have all been coming in to the stables every night , and hanging around them all day too, we are getting through hay and hard feed like it has gone out of fashion , and the chickens keep disappearing in the snowdrifts - pics to follow.

The builders have managed to demolish my study , the boys bedroom and the bathroom , leaving the kitchen for Monday . Some serious work is going to happen judging by the size of the digger delivered , ever so quietly , this morning , and the dumper truck that arrived yesterday . We also have a port a loo , which means we look just like a real building site!!

I must stop for now ,but be assured I will be back !

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Debbie said...

I too am getting through hay and feed like crazy and we've only had a couple of inches of snow!

The building project sounds like it going to be a big one, but worth it in the end I'm sure.