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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Further updates !!

It is ages since I found time to sit and blog , which means I have been really preoccupied 'cos I can always find time for my computer ( or in this case DH's laptop) above almost anything constructive on my 'to-do list '!

Partly busy with alpacas , who are all doing well , Athena is showing no ill effects from her trip to the vet and all those X-rays , the results of the blood tests show her phosphorous levels are normal , althou' my vet was quick to cover his **** by saying that they aren't all that accurate , meaning rickets is still a possibility , however , the X-rays showed that the growth plates at the end of the long bones have grown more on one side and caused the appearance of bent legs . I'm sure that I have read that this is a condition that will rectify itself over time - any views anyone ? , but am too busy to do the research on the net ! Repeat of the vitamin injections should help and certainly won't hurt , so you can guess what DH and are doing this weekend!

Veronica is till waiting for the super strength antibiotics to arrive , but is putting condition back on and seems perfectly happy and bright in her daily life .

Kirsty is only 2.5 - 3 months away from her baby being born , so I am being very careful with her - last year she aborted , and the year before the cria died , so I'm hoping for third time lucky . Of all my animals she is possibly the best quality , but she is nervous and not friendly as a result , and she also happens to be white ( my least favourite colour ) so she has less going for her in some ways than my coloured animals of slightly less good quality but great personalities . Still I am hoping for a great cria - fingers ( and everything else ) crossed .

Now for the cause of my distraction ...... we are about to undertake a major extension on our house! We are extremely lucky to be able to do this , 'cos it will give us a house which will be near perfect for our needs, how many people can say that ! However, we are having to move out for the next 7-8 months whilst the work is done . Second extremely lucky par t- we have a smallish holiday cottage next door where we can live ! However( is this getting repetitive ?) it is designed to sleep 4 people who are on holiday , not 6 who have a lifetimes ' stuff' to accommodate . Hence I am busy de-cluttering , re-homing and trying to bring calm to the ensuing chaos ! I am not normally very keen on house work ( as many can testify) so it is a job without much merit , and thus very slow because I can always find something better to do! DH is getting exasperated with the (lack) of speed , and I am getting stressed 'cos I know it has to be done and will all end horribly if I don't get my finger out SOON ! Simply can't transmit that urgency from brain to limbs - much happier to sit and admire my new tidy , uncluttered ( cos it 's all still next door ) living space .. que sera sera as Doris would say !


Eliane said...

I may regret this(!) but if you want some help some day with the packing, then just ask.

Claire said...

You know, I didn't like white fleeced llamas as much as my coloured ones, but then I realized, I can have a lot of fun playing with wool dyes with my white fleece, so that changed my opinion, and now I look forward to shearing her!