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Friday, 9 January 2009

Oh no , here we go....

I had the vet visit again yesterday, some might think I have a thing about my vet but let me assure you that since I see a different one nearly every time it's not true ! but they sure love me - I must keep them afloat recently.
Anyway , another visit , Athena is still a bit rickety in my view ( and no I haven't passed my vet exam yet ) so we had further discussion about her knees and eventually came to the conclusion that we couldn't be categorically sure either way , so she is off to the vet's on Wed to have an x-ray which might give us a clearer view and cost me £££'s!
Then we moved onto Veronica who has been sitting around a bit too much for my liking the last day or 2 , yesterday she started dribbling , this is not normal , and so vet visit! We did agree this time that the cause would be largely oral and came to the view that she had a definite tenderness in her lower jaw , possibly bone infection , and she is on penicillin for the next 2 weeks . I am worried about her , she has lost condition very quickly over the last week , and is now getting the royal treatment to try and get her to put weight back on - breakfast sugar beet( nice and soft and wet) lunch - micronized peas and alpha-a , dinner more sugar beet . I cannot do any more but it seems so little . The vet would like to see her on Wed too , but I will see about her strength before we try a sedative for x-ray.
That leads to the scariest thing - reversing a trailer into a stable from a main road with people WATCHING !!! Yuk ! will let you know how I do !


Claire said...

Oh dear me! Hoping for the best for all your girls. Do keep us updated! I am sure you will do just wonderfully with backing the trailer. Deep breaths!

Suzanne said...

thanks Claire, they are both doing well , but trailer reversing is giving me sleepless night s!!