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Monday, 5 January 2009

At last!

...the alpaca are using the stables ! Hooray!

We have had some snow and the last few days , almost weeks , the temperatures have been very low . The alpaca have got into the habit of coming down into the corral for supper and last night they CHOSE to spend the night in a stable , well 4 out of 5 did. Bijou , as head of the herd , slept across the doorway , not sure whether this was to protect the others or to prevent them getting out ! But it is much easier for me if they will use the stables voluntarily , since if they don't I have to confine them on really bad nights and that means mucking out in the morning , if they use the stables by themselves then I don't lock them in and they visit the dung heap freely - we are all much happier .

Tonight is predicted to be -9 !!! so the pregnant girls are in the stables , the boys are safely under the trees and the youngsters are cuddled up to the hedge near the house and should be fine . Whilst I love the cold weather , I would really like a let up in this cold spell - projected to be the coldest spell since 1997 - and hope for a bit of sunshine , and dare I say it , a drop of rain !

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Claire said...

So pleased to hear that the herd has finally realized what their stable is for! Hip Hip, Hooray! Generally, one of our llamas sleeps in front of the doorway of our barn too, most nights. It is not always the same one, but usually one of them is there. The goats, donkeys and llamas share the same barn. I have always believed it to be a protective gesture, but I may be wrong.