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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Senior moment !

For the first time in my life I have lost one of my children ! Not strictly true , as in he was not really lost , just mentally lost if you see what I mean . I went to put #4 son to bed , and having had a row with all 4 boys about folding school clothes each night , I was mentally ticking off who's clothes I had folded , when I couldn't find any for #3 son - and that was because he was still in them somebody elses house , from whence I should have collected him over an hour before !!!
It really is the scout leaders fault , he moved the site of the cub meeting and that totally threw my routine , hence I lost #3 mentally from my agenda. DH has gone to the rescue of said son , who is quite happy staying out late on a school night , and luckily the parents of the child he is visiting are out as well so we only have to deal with their babysitter , who clearly thinks I am quite mad ( she may have a point ) but is also thrilled to have met him since she is a cousin of #4 son's best friends , who is famous ( infamous) within their family ! Help!

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