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Monday, 7 December 2009

so trusting - not!

As for many , it has rained a hell of alot recently and today has been no exception.

The last week or so has been hectic - I have set us the deadline of 12Dec for us to be able to move into our new house end! I have been madly painting and fiddling, DH has been fitting kitchen , which he has done very professionally , but like most guys it is hard to keep him on task , and everything has taken a long time ! The alpaca have had the minimum of care for the last week or so - I have dashed out and fed everyone , let out the chickens and then got on with house things .

Today was a bit more relaxed - the stone masons arrived to lay the kitchen floors , so I can't fiddle down there any more , and have reached a halt up stairs pending the arrival of carpets on Friday .I have made up drawers for the kitchen etc , but DH doesn't want anything in situ until he is ready - I am champing ! Anyway , as a result I spent a bit more time with the alpacas. As always I started the day with a bottle for Berlioz , I am beginning to wean him and reducing the volume of milk he is offered gradually , today it was pelting down when I went out so I wore my full length Drizaabone , Berlioz was obviously not impressed , he was very cautious and finally decided that he didn't feel hungry enough to brave THE COAT , I went and changed and then , miraculously , he was hungry and drank the lot _ little monkey . Gradually he is eating more hard feed , and is more adventurous than the other cria , he was very impressed with the micronised peas and garlic , less so with the sugar beet . Maybe they will come in tonight ?!

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