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Monday, 15 February 2010

calm again , spring is coming !

the alpacas are back to being 'all fine' , Cerys' limp has gone and she is looking lovely - her cria is due in July and she is in really good condition , not missing baby Bilbo at all!

Finally I have got round to preparing the ploy tunnel - I have dug in a huge amount of alpaca poo , so handy to have a factory in high production - and have started my first seedlings. Last year we didn't get the polytunnel until June so we were a bit late starting, but this year I am determined to be off to a flying start . Sadly , my mentor and inspiration ( competition?) have moved to the USA , so I don't have quite the same level of 'go' that I had last season , but I see that Eliane has planted her tomato seeds as well , so who knows , competition from across the pond?

I have planted 6 different types of tomatoes , 2 types of couregetttes and some peas, the lettuce , rocket and radishes will go straight into the ground , and the potatoes are chitting on the window ledge. A little bit later I will plant runner bean and french beans ready for the glorious summer......


Perry Wheeler said...

There is nothing nicer than home grown fruit and veg.

We are picking our tomato's at the moment and have just put some seeds in for winter tomato's. Not sure how that will go but time will tell I suppose. Hopefully in the next day or too I will be able to bottle some of the summer crop.


Eliane said...

I have a few things in pots. Think I'll post about it later in the week. But nothing to compare with the glory that will be your polytunnel. Mind you, I do have a lemon tree on the deck. Outside. And I think I may have caught the sun today.