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Friday, 26 February 2010

doing it again

Spring really is on the way ! there, done it again , but this time I'm right ( only this time ??) My daffodils are coming up along the driveway . Hurray! AND the soil in the poly tunnel is warm enough to start planting ( I think ) so tomorrow I shall commence planting with a few lettuces just to see how we do .

AND the chicks are due to hatch on Tuesday ! We have lent our incubator to the school , and Tuesday is the day of reckoning , pray something hatches , I cant bear the stress if nothing happens .


Leo said...

I hope you are right about the spring. After a lot of snow, we now have a lot of rain in the Netherlands. The land is almost a big swimming pool. And indeed the alpacas are doing extremly well. Marieke (my partner in alpaca and love) is at the Futurity at the moment. She enjoying spring in the UK, ha, ha....
Many greetings from Holland,

Kayla said...

i love llamas and alpacas!

Jeff and Sheila said...

I admire your optimism about the approaching Spring!