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Monday, 19 July 2010

From near disaster to disaster

Oh how life is sent to try us !
Yesterday we had 35 people for a bbq - in honour of friends returned from far flung places - just before they arrived there was a sudden yelling from DH which was frantic , ' get me a knife ' is not his usual cry , but he really meant it . On going to do a final tidy of the yard he found the alpacas humming in a desperate sort of way , and found that Calpurnia had become entangled in a football net that the boys had left in the field ( Yes I know , it should not have been there , that said ) she was hanging lifeless by the neck - panic , but luckily she was 'just' in shock . Mad cutting of said net and some rubbing , she returned immediately to mum , apparently none the worse for her ordeal - I needed a strong drink, and since it was 3.30 on a sunday , I had a strong drink!

On closer inspection , one ear is not working quite right , I hope it is a temporary thing , but honestly if that is the worst that happens - I'm lucky. Disater averted.

Today I made my annual pilgrimage to The Royal Welsh show - truly a day not to missed . 8.30 arrival then 8.30pm departure - 12 hours well spent, sans enfants. On my return , chuffed with my day and head buzzing with the antics of the Royal Kings artillery , my house guest tells me that at lunchtime he saw the biggest fox ever wonder throu the back garden having killed another chicken! I do not know what to do with the bloody thing, any printable answers would be most welcome . Shooting is clearly very tricky on two fronts
1. it is so unpredictable
2. I don't want guns around the alpacas

any other suggestions pls. At this rate by the time the kids go back to school I will not have a single chicken - damn that bloody fox.


Mark said...

This may seem a little crude, but I urinate fequently around the perimeter of our land. I have had great success and it has been quite enjoyable!

I read somewhere that wildlife don't like male urine. I also have two dogs who accompany me they always wee where I do. May be worth a try.

Rosemary said...

We've put up stock fencing, barbed wire at the base, electric fence etc. But Carl also does as Mark does and urinates on a daily basis! It is good we don't have close neighbours or they would think he had a serious prostrate problem! Seems to work though as the only attack this year we have had was one killed at the top of third where it wandered away to and we don't use for alpacas.

Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, a whiz on the perimeter has got to be easier, cheaper, and safer than bullets. I hope something works to get rid of the scoundrel.