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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Still on a knife edge

Mixed results toda y.

Small miracle - Binky is still with us ! I was prepared for the worst this morning , but at 6am she was sitting up with her mum cudding . By 9 am she was looking a little less bright .I made 2 trips to the vets today - the first to pick up anti inflammatories and anti biotics .The second to pickup more antibiotics and wormers . Advice from the RVC camelid department suggested that we should hit every option hard, and that is what we are doing. twice daily anti biotics and antiinflammatories , plus panacur, for 5 days .
Binky is very weak, but still alert and eating , all be it very small amounts , but she always has grass in her mouth when I go to inspect. Tonight she is in a stable to keep her warm, she cannot stand alone , but is still alert. I hope that the anti biotics will begin to kick in . We are still not really sure what we are dealing with . Fecal tests have not found any worm burden, but we are assuming the worst. Yet again I'm not sure what to expect in the morning. Pls don't uncross everything just yet - I hope we have a way to go!
ps . thanks for all the support


Rosemary said...

Still crossed!
Best wishes

Eliane said...

Really hope everything turns out all right. Only just read the last two posts. How bloody awful. Sending lots of positive alpaca thoughts from Hampshire. E xx

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

She's obviously a fighter, we've still got eveything crossed for you, good luck.

Raelene from Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports said...

Have a look at her gums, and if they are pale. or not as red as a healthy cria's gums, then there is anemic.
we can use what is called BLUD, which is an iron supplement, and again you do not overdose with this.
it is a powder that is given to horses, so only 1 level tespoon in water, and then drench in can be done twice a day.
glucose use, Kytone, it is pink and is used for ketosis, but is very handy it warms from the inside up, and gives boosts. Yukult, or a yoghart give often to get bugs back into system.
Vtamin ade, should be given, and as much vit c.
Good luck