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Thursday, 7 October 2010


The alpacas are all well , and looking good for the winter . Of course the weather has been grim and they have got quite wet , but their fleeces are growing well , which is just as well since I hear whisperings that this winter could be just as tough as the last .....

But the excitement............ finally my fox trap has worked ! This morning we had a fox in the trap , not a puppy or a chicken , but a real live ( not any more) fox. The kids were slightly worrying thou - 2 wanted souvenirs to take into school , tails , paws etc , and the other 2 wanted to tame it as a chicken guard ! Surely they have been paying attention as to who has been killing our chickens ?! The alpacas showed a reasonable amount of interest , and the puppy was kept indoors until the fox could be removed - thanks Steve- but the chickens will be a little bit safer tonight , until the next time . But since we know it now works the trap has been reset and we are ready .

I have just added 4 more to my flock , a couple of warrens and a couple of bluebells , so egg production will increase hopefully .

ps. just looked out and the trap is working really well - just caught 2 chickens this time !

1 comment:

Lois Evensen said...

What a great punch line to your post!

Seriously, I'm glad to hear the chickens are safe from the foxes.