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Thursday, 28 October 2010


Having thought long and hard I have decided that the BAS board and I would not make comfortable bed fellows . Whilst the board works for alpaca owners , their ethos is a long way down the scale from mine , and I don't think that any of us would have enjoyed the experience!! Frankly , I have more positive things to put my energy into than fighting with a board who don't really want my opinions , and who I do not consider pro active enough in certain areas . Enough said .

Yesterday was a lovely day , beautiful sunshine and crisp and cool , perfect winter weather , so we took the boys out for the day to West Midland Safari park - fantastic , they provide free kennels so that you can take your dog ( just not round the safari) and a great fun fair , some rides made me so ill I had to stop going on them , but the boys loved it . Who needs disney when you have WMS?

The alpaca are happy with 'crisp and cool' , the grass is still holding out well , no wet muddy patches yet , and all quite happy. I must arrange for the vet to come and micro-chip this years cria - I just don't quite have the nerve to do it myself, and they need ear tagging as well. I ear tag the pigs quite happily by myself , but pacas are a different kettle of fish and I need to watch the experts before I try it myself . God knows what Cerys will make of ear tagging !

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Tiggeriffic said...

I think you made a great decision. I think you can do more work for them by not being on the board.. You can still give your opinion and walk away ~ knowing you don't have to have further discussion with a very opinionated bunch of stiff necks.
Sounds like cooler weather is in your area with winter approaching.
We had a terriffic wind/rain storm that lasted for 3 days.. limbs are down, leaves on trees are gone.some people are without electricity. This year didn't have to rake the leaves, they blew away..that was good. Have a great day~!