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Saturday 24 April 2010

chickens always make me smile

Today I went to collect eggs , and just had to laugh. One of the hens had very carefully collected my lemon shaped and coloured egg timer into the nest and was contentedly sitting on it ! Moments like that are just so few and far between , but make life a little bit lighter .


Millie said...

I had a goose once that lost her eggs to a raccoon. After that she dutifully tried to hatch an old piece of wood! I felt so bad for her that I finally had to take it so she wouldn't spend more time and energy on such a hopeless endeavor.

redaisy said...

When I read this it just made my day! How very sweet.
I have been watching Alpacas on a webcam and have fallen in love with them. And I've never even met one! Now I'm dying to meet one face to face. I'm new to this blog and new to Alpacas but I want to know more so I'm looking for some good books about them. Any ideas on books? MK

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

I use ' the complete alpaca book' by Hoffman. It is really expensive , so try to get it from the library, but so useful - lots of easy to follow but vital technical stuff - illnesses , birthing probs etc