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Monday, 15 September 2008

autumn is certainly nearly here!

For the first time I lit a fire as soon as I got back from the school run , this is the way the days will start more and more regularly , cheaper and more eco-friendly than central heating especially if you can get a plentiful supply of free wood , which we are lucky enough to do.

The weather was better than expected and alpaca and hens alike have been sunning themselves in a very relaxed fashion , the seasons are almost the wrong way round - this is like spring. In the afternoon , as a special treat , I let the alpaca out into the garden . They love the grass , which is longer and lusher than in the fields , and it helps with the chores if I don't have to mow as well. However , they also prune all my roses and practically everything else , not surprisingly my roses are not quite what I had hoped .... The shock on the faces of the cats when they came face to face with the alpacas always makes me laugh, the speed at which they disappear is impressive , but also very sensible , since the alapcas would happily make mincemeat of them if they could .

The race for school govenor began today . I think everyone is being very laid back and friendly about it , but we shall see if this continues . I think it could be quite good fun , a bit like being back at uni. , running for AU president , but I'm not sure the other candidates would view it like that , so whilst good natured , I feel slightly serious is the order of the day . Maybe I just haven't grown up completely yet!!

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Berthddu Suit said...

Oooh, could I borrow a lawn mowing alpaca? My garden is disappearing under a lush green forest!