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Monday, 29 September 2008

Will it ever end ?

Hermione is not well again , and I am waiting for the vet as I type . I don't think it's critical , maybe an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she had last week , but I feel like I am contributing to a vets practice all of my own . My husband says I should do a vet degree in my spare time ( what spare time ?) since it will pay dividends in the long run , he has a point ,but I don't believe you can do vet. medicine at night school ( and if you know better please don't tell me in case I feel compelled to do it !!) My chickens have gone into a full moult and I nearly have enough feathers for a pillow , but no eggs !

Over the weekend we beefed up security and have protected the night paddock and driveway with laser alarms - come calling at your peril , but it should do the trick and gives me peace of mind !

#1 son got stung by a bee in the middle of the night - dont ask how , 'cos I have no idea - but since he is allergic to stings it made 2am much more interesting than usual . He is fine now , if a little sore .

My little suri , Artemis, continues to go from strength to strength .This is she on her birth day .Bottle feeding is not nearly as onerous as I had anticipated , and she is always very keen to see me , which is lovely.

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