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Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Today has been the first wet and windy day for quite a while. The leaves are nearly all off the trees , the water butts are all full again and the ground is decidedly soggy already . DH tells me we are into a cycle of wet springs ( he is such a cheerful chap ) and hot arid summers - when can we hope for this to start I hear you ask ..... well not for another 7 yrs ( apparently weather goes in 10 yr cycles ) so we won't hold our breath then !

Riding in the rain was still great , and some of my lesson was inside , so I feel like I did some 'work' and then spent a happy hour learning about computers from Eliane ( some of it went over my head ) and I have now included some alpaca portraits ! Speaking of which we have finished worming them all - which we hope was the reason for Hermiones oedema( that's what the vet said) as usual Kirsty screamed and kicked and made life as difficult as possible and generally wound everyone up , but all completed. As a group they made an escape bid up the drive , when the wind managed to loosen a gate lock , but were saved by DS #1 who thought fast and headed them off at the pass.


Still no eggs , still plenty of feathers!

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Eliane said...

Pictures look great. 5 eggs yesterday for us. At this rate I'll be selling them to you!