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Thursday, 5 March 2009

I'm back !!

AT LAST ! It really is a case of who you know , and it turns out I know somebody very helpful in BT , hardly had the matter been raised ( in passing , since I had no idea they were a BT bigwig ) than wheels began to turn , within 12 hours I had an engineer on my doorstep , and 48 hrs later my own personal adviser who will keep in contact until I a happy , AND at the same time BROADBAND is back . HURRAY ! It is too mind blowingly dull to explain in detail but the short version- they made a very simple situation very, very difficult until even they had no idea what was going on !

Well , now for some catch up photos . I shall start at the beginning and whiz through the last month or so

A mad clearing out when the snow arrived ensured that all the females had stable space and warm straw in which to shelter - luckily- since they didn't stray far from it for 9 days of snow !

For those of you who know us - here is #4 son in his borrowed ski suit , which was given to us 2 days before the snow and was worth it's weight in gold !Thanks Andriette .

I know ! its pink ! but by some amazing powers of persuasion we convinced him it was actually pale grey , and who cares it was free and he was the warmest of us all on sledging missions - and boy can he sledge !

Here is the house :-

then - everything from the chimmney going right has been demolished !


well actually things have moved on a bit and foundations are in and walls are being built ! more later .
Short animal synopsis :-
Veronica has finished her anti biotics , 2 days after finishing she started to dribble again , cue vet , but luckily it appears to be a retained baby tooth which looks like it may come out by itself.
Athena is doing well and even the vet said that he thought that one leg had straightened completely , the other is better . Despite my concerns initially , measurement of the degree of band in each knee shows that she is still within the realms of normal so as the Romans say nil desperandum!
I have a broody hen who has sat for just over 2 and a half weeks - fingers crossed for Tuesday , but my faith in her is not enormous .
I have also lent #3 sons class an incubator with 18 eggs in n, still a week and a half to go , fingers and toes crossed that something hatches !
Thinking about a date for a couple of little piglets to fatten for the freezer , think maybe end of March , early April would be ideal .
Enough for now , I am easing myself back in slowly to the real world !

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