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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Recovering ...

I have recovered my composure about the hen and her chicks , having just been checking fields for grass growth and come across a pile of feathers , at least I know for definite( I had held a slightly romantic view that she may just appear one morning with her chicks fully grown and full of life ) and DH is not confined to the broody coop !

I am also recovering from a very successful quiz night at the school last night , which I helped to organise and thoroughly enjoyed , as did most of the other 75 participants ! Many of us are now recovering from a night of excess and I am off to do it all again tonight - except I know my limitations and have offered to drive !! I am not as young as I used to be and a bottle of wine takes too big a toll these days .

I have filled the incubator with 2 different colours of Brahma eggs and am now waiting for the excitement in 2.5 weeks to see how many hatch.The weather has been quite unpredictable - yesterday was sun , snow , sun , hail.... and so I have been on a tour to inspect the grass growth in the fields in preparation for moving alpaca around . DH is finishing new entrances to fields and I am going to have a great big bonfire and burn all the bits of scrub that are hanging around the place .

A busy afternoon , and then another busy night !

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