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Monday, 23 March 2009

So exciting !!

Everything is coming together at once !

Today I got an email from my friend and co-owner of Teifi Magic , to ask if I would like a couple of other studs to stand with me for the summer !! Yes please! She has offered me Teifi Dreamcatcher , who is a truly stunning half accoyo male , white , and just lovely ; and Suri Bozedown Bartholomew ( Barty ),

who is a fab dark fawn suri stud . I am so pleased , I was thinking about Barty for Riva anyway , but the timing would be tricky since I don't want to move her until she has had her cria , which isn't due until late June , and I will be visiting Sue to collect Magic in May . I was toying with doing all the journeys twice over but it is quite a long way , so to have Barty here is great , plus I can offer him and Dreamcatcher for stud services alongside Magic and West , so I have a beautiful stable of studs - black, white , dark fawn and a fawn suri too . At this moment my cup runneth over as we say in wales .

Plus , I have a dozen eggs coming my way ( courtesy of Royal Mail , pls be careful) which are 2 different colours of Brahma chickens . I am very excited about them too ! They are huge chickens , with the cockerels standing almost a metre in height , that's almost as big as DS #4! and I have buff Colombians and gold eggs for hatching .

What more can I say ...whee!


Claire said...

Wow, what excitement! Gorgeous boys - I especially love the suri look. How marvelous! I hope the Royal Mail is kind with your eggs. Usually our postal service is about 80% kind. I just love the Brahma chickens. My light Brahmas are some of my friendliest birds.

Suzanne said...

I can hardly contain myself! I hope we get some good results for the brahmas , I've wanted them for a long time and found it impossible to fet birds or even chicks from anyone , but now that I have an incubator I can try for myself . Hope that I can get some extra work for the boys who will be visiting, I am becoming more and more drawn to the suris , but the huacayas are still the most popular with the general populus.