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Monday, 31 August 2009

lots to report

Well , finally back from holiday - which was awesome ! We had great weather and a truly great time, plenty of beaching and relaxing . Then we went straight to my nieces wedding , which was organised completely by my sister and was beautiful - we were all very emotional , and the bride looked gorgeous .

Then we got home last night - MAYHEM!

Our first house sitter did a great job and did some annual injections for us ( slight help from the vet) and managed to contain the pigs on an escape attempt ( more later) .

Second weeks sitters - disaster ! They are relatives of a friend , and have SAT for us twice before with great success , but this year it all went wrong . They found the alpacas too inquisitive ( have you ever heard ??) , the chickens too many and too nosey , the poly tunnel too full of wasps and generally hated every moment ! Que sera , however , as a result they chose to go home early ( 2 days early) and failed to communicate this properly to anyone .

Got home last night ....... piles of feathers - 14 chickens gone ! I know they are only chicken , but I just cried, my beautiful little pair of Brahmas - gone . All the last batch we hatched - gone , and one other I haven't had time to identify !

Added to this , Kevin , my fantastic cockerel , keeled over the day we left and died of a heart attack ! On the whole , chickens - disaster !

The boys are vowing never to go away again ( cheaper by far) , and frankly I feel similarly , it will pass , but I think we are looking for new sitters !

But the alpaca are good .


Eliane said...

Oh no. I am so sorry. Practically in tears over the Brahma chicks and Kevin myself. And I hardly knew them. That is so awful for you, and irresponsible of your sitters.

Rachelle said...

What a disaster! I am so sorry for you.
Are the liscensed sitters?? Is there any way you can get compensation for their ineptitude??
Alpacas are okay, which is a blessing but I have chickens myself and know how you get attached. I had one, Henny Penny who thought she was human!

Rachelle said...

I meant to say "The alpacas are okay etc..." That makes more sense huh! :))

Suzanne said...

Glad that you enjoy reading this Rachelle . Sadly , the sitters were relatives of a friend , so tricky all round ! The money isn't really an issue , but an apology and explanation would be nice !