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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


.. on a couple of fronts ! The weather is making things difficult , everything is so muddy that I am slipping around and so the chores are taking longer , and the animals are fed up 'cos they are slipping as well ! Anyway , Athena is limping and I am struggling since I have torn the tendons in my shoulder ( a combination of horse fall and wrestling with alpaca!) and so cannot deal with her myself and am having to wait for DH to come home , which he will be thrilled about ! Also , I had a new sheep rack delivered today - which is very exciting , and so I had to put it together immediately, and it being very heavy my shoulder is in even worse shape and I will not be able to sleep tonight with the pain , but it does look great and now all the hay will be kept drier and off the ground , so more hygienic and more cost effective ! I think Athena has a cut in her foot ( I did have a quick look ) and of course the wet ground will not help - ever tried keeping a foot bandage on an alpaca at the best of times .
Anyway , on a brighter note , some of my chickens who have had a rather dramatic moult and are wandering around looking like ex- batts , everyone keeps asking if they have lice/feather peck but they don't its just moult , have started to grow feathers and now they look like ginger hedgehogs , but will be so smart soon .
Also , had a great chat with a fellow breeder who has been a friend from day1 , but haven't had a chance to talk for a while , and it is so good to catch up and share disaster / hilarious stories now that the cria season is almost safely over .

Bourbon has a surprise at the new feeder!

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