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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

So far so good...

On Sat I made the trip to W Wales with 2 DS's and 4 alpaca! I returned Teifi Magic to his co-owner , Sue , and also left Bozedown West with her since she may have some clients for him . But most importantly ,Sue had agreed to look after Berlioz and Riva whilst we are on holiday . I think she was pretty impressed with Berlioz , and Riva manged to create a good impressionas well . Sue has mated her to one of her beautiful suri boys Bozedown Bartholemew , and I am really excited about what she may produce next year fingers crossed.
I had a great time at Sue's , admiring her herd and catching up on the news , and she had some really exciting ideas ... watch this space. DS #1 &#2 enjoyed themselves , playing with Sue's niece and nephew , and then we had to come home ! It has seemed strangely quiet without Berlioz for the last few days , but I am assured that he is still feeding well and generally enjoying himself.

We are getting ready for our house sitters to arrive on Friday, it's great to have them , but for somebody who loathes housework I am spending alot of my time getting the place spotless ! I really will need a holiday!

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