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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back to square one !

Diablo lost a little weight yesterday and a little more today , so we are back to bottle supplementing! I am so disappointed , I really thought that he would be up and away with the progress he has made , but a combination of cold wet days and nights has taken its toil , and I think he has entered a vicious circle where he was too cold and wet to want to feed and then he was to weak to be able to feed , I had hoped that taking him in in the evenings would help , but clearly not enough! This evening he took 200mls of goats milk with extra double cream and it went down very quickly , almost instantly there was an increase in activity and now he is tucked up in the stables with his mum , feeding happily . Lets hope that a couple of weeks of supplementing will see significant improvement , after all there must be a tipping point when they weigh enough to feed well and run around ?!


Bev said...

I'm rooting for Diablo. One day he'll be big and strong and he'll say "pah, I laugh at your cold and rain" - somehow I hear him with a strong South American accent.

Jeff and Sheila said...

Fingers crossed for Diablo! Goats milk with double cream could be his elixir!!

Alpaca Sue in Wales said...

How's he doing Suzanne? Have you tried the Cetophyton yet? xx