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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

still going in the right direction

I am pleased to report that Diablo continues to progress , it seems that when the weather is bad he feeds very little ( and looses weight ) and if the weather is good vice versa. Tonight he took a bottle , but that is the first time since Sat. and he has gained a couple of 100 gms , so with all the ups and downs he stands at 7.3kgs ! Still hardly a giant , but good enough for me at the moment .

Today also saw some more matings , as did yesterday. Teifi Magic spent 2 weeks in a field with most of the eligible ladies and refused to perform his studly duties , yesterday I thought I was doing pregnancy tests, but it became immediately apparent that none of the girls are preg yet , judging by the fight to get into the mating pen!! So , two matings yesterday and 3 today . Artemis is very keen on this mating business , she muscled her way to the front of the queue yesterday , and then tried again today , standing next to whoever was mating and keeping an eye on proceedings. I find it very amusing that after a few minutes orgling the girls start dropping like flies until the whole mating pen is surrounded by very keen females. Lets hope it all goes to plan and we get a bumper crop of cria for next year after this years disappointing showing.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Good going Diablo...we were pleased with 100gs this morning!

I am with you on the weather being a problem. It has rained some part of everyday for weeks here. The cria do so much better with some sunshine.

Fingers crossed for plenty of's the year's waiting that's the tough bit;)

Lois Evensen said...

I'm checking in again on Sunday to see that your little Diablo is doing well - so very nice. :) It sounds as if he'll have some more friends to play with next year, too. :)