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Thursday, 30 June 2011

With a heavy heart

It is with a heavy heart that I await tomorrow . Diablo has not had a good day , whilst I would usually consider myself ' a glass half full ' sorta gal , today I feel quite the opposite. I called the vet out this morning- Diablo was lethargic in the extreme , and had lost weight over night , refused to actively take a bottle and was only taking a small amount that I was force feeding him . Blood and fecal samples have been taken , temp appears normal , no obvious pain or swelling anywhere - a total mystery. The vet has scratched her head and whilst we await the test results from the VLA Diablo will be scanned and x-rayed tomorrow morning to see if anything presents itself.
His feed at 6.30pm was also reluctantly taken , but by 10 pm he was sucking , which is the first time in several days that I have had any help from him , maybe positive? He does seem to be holding his head slightly oddly , and dribbling a bit , but I am beginning to see all sorts of things which may or may not really be a problem . Hey ho , hopefully some answers tomorrow , but I am not expecting them to be good.

On the plus side , there usually is a plus if you look , we have friends visiting from SF who we haven't seen for a year, and that is great.


Mark said...

Thinking of you today, and hoping there will be a positive outcome for Diablo. Sue

Rosemary said...

Very, very sorry to hear about Diablo - I know what it is like as we had the same with Greeves who was a feeding nightmare from the start - he did recover after coccidia was detected. I also had the same with Matchless who we didn't catch in time - he had what the Shepherd called watery mouth and needed a course of antibiotics but we didn't catch it early enough.
I really hope all is going better today - tried to comment yesterday but for some reason I couldn't get it to go through.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I so hope it is better news this morning Suzanne...we are making slow progress here with is heart wrenching I know.