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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Athena's back...

What beautiful weather ! The animals are appreciating it all and so are we . I am hoping to get the fields fertilised soon and reap some of the benefit of the continued sunshine .

Today , whilst doing routine inspections , I came across a problem with Athena's back .I had noticed that her fleece looked a little flattened along the spine when we came back from holiday , but put it down to rolling in the mud baths . Today there is an area the size of a ten pence piece which is bald and has quite toughened skin, the rest of the area is not showing any signs of loosing the fleece , but she is a bit stroppy about being handled , which is unlike her . I have put pig oil on her skin , but my eprinex is out of date , so I shall get some of that tomorrow and treat her with that and see if that does the trick . Nobody else seems to be affected , and I hope it stays that way , we have managed to avoid the dreaded mites for nearly 2 yrs and I intend to keep it that way , now would be a bad time to get them going into winter ! Any other suggestions welcome .

DH has been away sailing in the Solent for the weekend , a catch up with the guys he did some of the round the world race with many years ago , but he is back tonight , which will be nice and we can get some more jobs finished in the extension , which is coming along nicely!

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