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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bl***y Pigs !

Got home today and found the pigs out in the field again - this is loosing any semblance of amusing that there ever was - and not only had they dug up a fairly sizable portion of our newly sown field , but also chewed a hole in the poly tunnel ! Role on 1st Oct when they have a date at the abattoir!

On the alpaca front , life is quiet , Athena does have a case of mites , but spotted early and hopefully under control , Riva is spitting off well at Sue's place , Athena is not pregnant as testified by her allowing my black gelding to attempt mating ! Woden is in with the girls because he is black , and the only other blacks I have a re girls . Up until now that has not been a problem , but this year he witnessed the antics in the mating pens and has got the hang of it , and thinks it must be worth a go ! In my ( limited) experience the alpaca are very colour orientated and so I have left him with the black girls because the pale coloured geldings don't want to be friends , now he will have to overcome the prejudice and live with the boys ! I'm sure he is affecting the girls cycle , and as a result I think I have fewer pregnancies than last year , but as usual with alpacas - time will tell !