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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Pigs and changes !

Well , for the third time in 3 days the pigs have escaped - this is a clear sign that they are ready for the butcher ! They have climbed over the fence and let themselves in with the alpaca , who are decidedly unhappy at this turn of events and alert me to the intruders by giving off an alarm call . I then run out and check that all the gates are shut and they cant get to the road , and then have to find a screwdriver and unscrew the door to their sty ( DH is keen that they don't take the door off , stuff that I say , you try and get them back in in a hurry !) and then lure them back in with some food and screw the door back on. Of course , they usually do this when time is of the essence - picking up time from school , leaving for Budo , leaving for football practice , I give it to them , they are not predictable , but how I wish they would stay in their own field , and the alpacas agree!

The alpacas are fine , the fleece loss on Athena's back hasn't spread( yet ) and I wonder if it was maybe a large sore rather than mites ?? Anyhow , the cria are growing well , Riva is still spitting off down in West Wales and we are calm !

Also today , I have finished my reign as Treasurer of the PTA ! In many ways I am glad to hand it on - I have done it for 3 years , not in a solely treasurer capacity , but as part of a 3 man team who have worked hard as a team ! As all things it has become monotonous and tiresome at times , but at others really good fun and we achieved alot , over £25K was raised on our watch and we are pleased with that ! But I must admit I will miss it a little bit , and it seems like I have a gap now - what shall i do instead? Well, vice chair of the governors to start with , and hopefully more involvement with the local village markets , and more work with the animals.

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