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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Strange creatures

Today was injection day for the whole herd! Since I am awaiting an opinion on an operation on my shoulder , I am not much use in the catching stakes at the moment , so DH got the whole lot to himself , as you can imagine he was thrilled ( not) . Athena was first , having the only confirmed case of mites and being the nicest animal in the herd - and my favourite ( don't tell the others) , so I felt she would be quick and easy to deal with - WRONG ! As soon as I put my hand on her she went berserk - screaming and spitting , and generally behaving extremely badly , this I was not expecting and so was liberally covered in that ever pungent regurgitated grass. From that point on she took on the role of herd protector - every animal we handled after her was treated to her protection and we were definitely in the firing line! She reared and screamed , spat and kicked , it was quite extraordinary.

Whilst Athena did a passable impression of Lara Croft on speed , Woden went into full mating mode , orgling for all he was worth , apparently turned on by the girls sitting in protest at the injection and taking it as a sign of acquiescence. So on one hand we had a mad banshee in our faces , and right next to her an over amorous gelding , it was mayhem . At this point Artemis got in on the act , and decide that DH had grabbed her as a sign of affection , which she was only too happy to return , and she followed him very closely , sticking her nose in his face and nudging him in the back if he turned away - he doesn't really like alpacas at the best of times , but found these 3 characters very trying !

The decision was made that Woden could no longer remain with the girls and now was a sensible time to move him - madness on our part ! The clock was ticking since #3 son had a riding lesson to get too , anyway , we ( I ) decided that he had to go , so we put a halter on him and he sat down and flatly refused to move , not one inch . I haltered Athena , to whom he is quite partial ,and led her out in front , Woden moved.... 2 feet , and sat down ! At this point I knew we were loosing , but you can't give in , Athena got bored and started to prance and buck , so she went back in the field and we were left having to carry a very angry alpaca into a trailer ... DH had the worst of it , but finally we managed and I drove Woden over to the boys field , where he has been happily welcomed .

What a day! I am pretty sure , after Wodens antics , that Veronica, Athena and Kirsty aren't pregnant , and that Cerys and Bijou are , but you just cant be sure , Artemis and Acantha kept well out of the way so who knows about them .

On Tuesday I am going to collect Riva and Berlioz and West , it will be so exciting to see them !

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