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Thursday, 11 June 2009

The boys are here

Very exciting - all the new boys who I am borrowing or partly own have arrived today - well actually I collected them . I had a great trip down to collect them , and was there by 10.15 , I had a couple of minor panics when I thought I must be lost ( having decided not to take a map - I know the way !!) and a stop at the Co-op for sweets , muffins and crisps - no road trip is complete without snacks . Anyway , a welcome cuppa awaited me and I had a chance to catch up on alpaca news before loading Teifi Magic , Teifi Dreamcatcher and Teifi Mischief and heading home . We made good time , despite me having to contend with putting the car in and out of 4 wheel drive ( how confusing ) and got back in time for me to put the boys into the field ( a masterpiece of trailer reversing if ever I saw one , and with the army watching ) and off to collect the kids from school .

The boys seemed delighted to be in the field and set to straight away rolling and stuffing their faces - our boys , Bozedown West , Boz Flag and Boz Bajaja spotted them and came over to say 'howdy' , all went pretty well - lots of sniffing and a bit of spitting when the sniffing got too invasive, but now they are all companionably munching - successful day in my book !

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