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Monday, 15 June 2009

textbook baby?

Why don't I ever get the textbook baby?
Does anyone ?
The latest baby is giving me a small cause for concern - logic tells me that all must be OK , but I have only seen him feed twice , on both occasions with a bit of prompting from me - but he must be feeding , he runs around like a mad thing and would surely have run out of energy by now , but I would just like to see him feed !
He was up and looking for food really soon after birth , and I have seen him nosing around the milk bar , and he shows no signs of being hungry ...... he must just feed when I'm not looking . I want the textbook one who feeds whenever I look out of the window and gives me peace of mind !!!


Henya said...

This is funny, you are almost exactly mirroring my thought about my breastfed baby.

Suzanne said...

LOL, keep at Henya , it's worth it in the end !