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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

First Panteg boy !

Hot off the press ! Well I guess the title is slightly misleading since we do have 4 of our own , but this morning at 8.50am Cerys delivered the first boy that Panteg alpacas has so far produced ( we have been lucky with girls so far) - he is a fab chocolate colour which is becoming lighter as he dries , but I am confident that he will be a mid or dark brown .

As I drove up the drive to take the kids to school I stopped in my usual spot at the gate just to check , and lo and behold Cerys was half way through delivering her first cria! Head and legs were clearly visible , so the kids went back into the house and I dashed for towels and other birthing bits and waited , Cerys looked slightly distressed so I had a closer inspection and he was a big cria ( as you would expect for 361days ) so I gave a gentle tug and nothing moved . Slight panic from me - I decided to call the vet ! By the time I had got the phone from the house and charged back up to the field things had moved on and suddenly - whoosh , there he was ! Beautiful ! Cerys was completely disinterested and looked slightly shocked - this is her first cria , so I think she was a bit surprised. She let me go up to her and stroke her chin , which is not something I am allowed to do very often , so with the help of the boys ( who were well and truly late for school by now ) we herded everyone down to the corral and separated Cerys off , letting the rest back up to the field, and leaving mother and baby to get to know each other . Once the placenta was delivered Cerys started to show a bit more interest - fingers crossed - her mum , Bijou , is excellent , so lets hope she will be the same , she has plenty of milk ....

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