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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Introducing Bilbo

Here he is at 6 hours old - what a beauty!
After a degree of indifference from his mother , Cerys , things are going well . Bilbo has been outside bumbling around in the sunshine , and after a long period when his mother wouldn't let him feed , things are now going well in that department too. Cerys was a bit surprised to find she had a cria , I think , and looked at him with that detached view you take to nieces and nephews , who however gorgeous can be handed back when the going gets tough !
Tonight , mother and son will spend inn the stable to try and cement the bond forming , and tomorrow they will be out in the field with the other s, it will be interesting to see Brizo's reaction to a new playmate .
p.s just realised how like his daddy , Bozedown West , he is !


Debbie said...

He looks lovely, sounds like you had a worrying time initially.

Suzanne said...

Still not completely out of the woods - mum is really not very interested , and gets very stressed if confined indoors ...