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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Maternal instinct ?

Bilbo seems to be doing well. Mid-morning the weather was beautiful and so I let Cerys and Bilbo out to join the rest of the expectant mums and new cria . Cerys was clearly delighted to be let out , so much so that she paid little heed to her son , who was engulfed by the herd and sniffed from head to toe . Bilbo took it in good spirit , Woden got very excited - leaping about and showing off . Cerys rolled in the dust bath , stretched in the sun and got on with some fresh grass - no concern for her son . By now I was concerned , I know that as a first time mum she may take a while to get into it , but I have never had a mum be this relaxed with a new born cria . Kirsty is a holy terror and will not let her baby more than 2 feet from her , and let anyone sniff - forget it ! She has relaxed a bit , now that Brizo is 3 weeks old .

Anyway , I left them alone for an hour or so , and Bilbo was clearly confused as to which black alpaca was mum , so i moved Cerys , Bilbo and Bijou into a side paddock ,adjacent to the main herd but so that they could only look over the fence , in the hopes that with fewer to choose from mother and son would bond a bit more . Whilst I didn't sit and watch for hours , I did keep sticking my head out of the window , and I never saw Bilbo feed . Cerys was much closer to him and he seemed quite content , not panicky or hungry at all , but still I was a bit concerned . So after 4 hours in the sun , it was back to the stables for mother and son - probably me being a bit neurotic , each birth I promise that I will trust to nature and leave well alone , but it is really hard not to try and make it all perfect ! Back in the stable I have seen him feeding , so I am happier .
One other small cause for concern is the fact that his front legs are a bit knock kneed, I am trusting that with a bit of excercise and some sun for Vit D they will straighten , but I shall keep an eye on him.

Tomorrow I am off to my dear friend Susan ,Alpacas of Wales , to collecet Teifi Magic , Teifi Dreamcatcher and Teifi Mischief , who will be staying over the summer - how exciting , just pray that Bijou doesn't choose tomorrow to deliver !

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