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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

dressing up..

why is it that people look at me in abject horror when I suggest that putting on an extra layer in the winter is not an unreasonable thing to do ? Seems perfectly logical to me . The day will come when more and more of us realise that dressing up more is not only good for our pockets but also good for the environment . T-shirts are not really sensible items of clothing when worn on their own in December !


Eliane said...

I agree! Have three layers on and Tom's in his thermals. But I do recommend an electric blanket which is where I'm heading to now. See you tomorrow!

Claire said...

I agree, absolutely! But I remember back when I was an errant teenager that I would tell my mother I wasn't cold so that I didn't have to wear my coat. Back in the "silly" days. Now I am sensible and wear several layers. You should see me in my farm padded coveralls. Not very fancy but sooooo warm!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I tried to convince my kids of this last winter, but the still ran around in t-shirts and shorts! I felt sorry for them (silly me) and kept the heat turned up just for them.
Our propane bill was almost $1600 last year! gah!

This year, they are free to run around in their skivvies if they like, but we aren't even using our furnace at all. We only use our electric space heaters and our gas fireplace with fan in the evenings.

We haven't even filled our propane this winter. (Yay!)

(ps, and now the kids seem to be getting it: wearing sweats instead of shorts.)

New Mexico, USA