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Sunday, 14 December 2008


I have finally bitten the bullet and separated the cria from their mums . i find it very stressful , as do the cria for a day or two , but the mums are clearly ready for the break and seem to put up a token resistance , but quickly get on with the daily business of feeding and sunning themselves . Artemis tried harder than most to get back to her mum ( which is odd since she has always been bottle fed ) and managed to get herself stuck in a thicket on the wrong side of a 6 foot ravine . I very nearly couldn't rescue her , she is so heavy now that I couldn't lift her and we both ended up sprawled in the bottom of the ravine - me in my pink pyjamas ( why do I always do these things in my PJ's and not my work clothe s??) and Artemis is a heap too frightened to move . Eventually we both got out and she is none the worse for wear except for a few scratches on her nose .

Finally the bottle of Vitamin supplements that I have been waiting for has arrived . It is really important for alpacas to get a vit A D &E during the winter months to prevent rickets . This afternoon we will inject them all and then every six weeks until the sunshine improves , also a bit of toenail trimming wouldn't go amiss!

Children are off to visit Santa this afternoon , so they will be really hyped by bedtime - oh joy


Claire said...

I'm so glad to hear that Artemis was none the worse for wear, but what about YOU?! Sounds like a bit of a battle, and you in your pajamas, good thing you haven't got closed circuit cameras because that might have been one of those entries on a home video program! I hope you are none the worse for wear also. Glad to hear you turned the aga on, I remember my grandmother's and it was oh so warm.

Eliane said...

Why are there never any pictures of these key moments? Suzanne in pyjamas in ditch with alpaca sounds too good to miss. DH isn't doing his job!

Suzanne said...

thanks for your concern! It's precisely because DH is out that I get into these scrapes! If he was here he would have counselled against going out in the fields in PJ's!