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Friday, 19 December 2008

Looking forward to a rest and recharge

The kids broke up for the holidays today and I am so ready for it . This is always a busy time of year for everyone and we are no exception- the added 'burden' of the animals does make life a bit busier but sometimes it is a welcome distraction . I have found the running around for the school particularly hard this year - a heavy cough has made it a bit harder - but I think the writing is on the wall for my time on the PTA. This year the credit crunch has made all fund raising hard work , which I could cope with , but what I ( and my colleagues ) have found hard to bear is the much higher level of negative comments and complete lack of support. It is inevitable , as the credit crunch hits , that people will find it harder to give and will also want more for their money , but I had hoped that it might bring a bit more of a Dunkirk spirit . Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case - batten down the hatches is more like it , and so a small band of us have run ourselves ragged for the benefit of all the children and I am tired - of the grouching and lack of help as well as physically . I hate to whinge and I very rarely do on my blog , but if I hear one more excuse about busy lives etc then I shall scream ! I have 4 small children and a small holding as well as a long suffering DH , who has to help more with the housework so I can raise money for the school - well , no more ! Next term will not see any fund raising , and hopefully my PTA committee and I will be less pariah -like in the play ground as well as more rested .

By January I will probably be recharged and rearing to go , but it is looking like a time for somebody else to take up the mantle of the PTA , which I will always support , but which I feel has had the best of me - my alpacas need me more , not to mention my family !!

Now I've got that off my chest I feel aloy better , even if my chest doesn't ! LOL.

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Eliane said...

Well I think you've all done brilliantly and raised lots for the school. No one could blame you if you slow things down a bit esp. given that you're a governor too. Never mind the alpacas, boys, chickens etc. but that doesn't mean I'm up for the PTA whatever your comment said... Shall think on it. Am quite taken with my energy-saving plans for the buildings... Have a good Christmas! If H's present arrives before then, I'll drop it round.