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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

so exciting....

Well ..... I have just bought another alpaca!!!!! actually I've bought half a share in a beautiful black boy called Teifi Magic - lets hope he is . A picture will follow , however , I am on DH computer and cant upload . I am sharing Magic with my good friend Susan , who bred him , and he has a fab pedigree and has won lots of prizes even though he is not yet 3. DH is quietly pleased , hard to believe I know , since he senses an income - I get stud fees from any matings that Susan arranges and vice versa . I shall pick Magic up in June , when Susan has finished her matings for her own animals , which is perfect for me , since I will be ready to mate my black girls from June onwards! The cria should be fantastic .

The alpaca actually came in and slept in their stable or under their shelter all of their own volition , that is such a big step forward .

anyway , photo of Magic will follow as soon as it is warm enough for me to go out to my study ( no heating and single skin walls - v. cold ) and use my own computer.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats!Are alpacas very popular in England? How many do you have and what is your favorite thing about them?

We were wanting some, but the price is way up here in the U.S. still, so we chose llamas instead. I still have a dream of owning one or two one day :)

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog.
New Mexico

Suzanne said...

Alpacas are becoming more popular in the UK , approx 15000 at present , of which I own 13 and a half!!! They are very expensive hence the half share ! But they are so cute , mine are all pretty friendly and sooo beautiful.